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Surfing Fitness sites

World Surf
Surfing is an asymmetric sport (unbalanced from left to right), so body maintenance is needed.

Fluid Surfer
Optimal human movement techniques for peak surf performance (Michelle Drielsma)
Common Injuries and Limitations – What’s Holding Back Your Surfing? Fluid Surfer Self Assessment Hypermobility Assessment – Joint Mobility and Laxity What’s Best for Me? – The Difference between Flexibility, Mobility and How to use the Fluid Surfer Techniques Neck Upper Back and Shoulder Blade Shoulder Upper Arm Forearm and Wrist Chest Lower Back Hip Front of Thigh Back of Thigh Inner Thigh Outer Thigh Knee Lower Leg and Foot Foundational Movements Putting it all Together
At the beginning of each chapter is a summary of why problems arise in a particular body area.
The body wisdom (understanding of biomechanics and physiology) you gain from Fluid Surfer is not something easily available to surfers unless they visit a physical therapist who also happens to be a surfer.

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Global swells explained:
With these graphics you can see where the surf is being generated and how it is moving across the oceans.
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