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Surf Forecasts

We have collected some differing views of surf forecasts.
Bookmark or share the link to this page. Note: that the graphics show the current forecast.
Also there is a chart that plots wind and swell aimed toward Sydney..
OR to make it easy to share with others:
When you get to that page press the Loop button on the top right hand corner to see the chart animate up to 120 hours ahead.
Also check out the NZ forecast site that lets you dial-up the best surf:

The WaveWatch gadget is also worth checking out:

Go to for your local surf forecasts

STORMSURF provides surf forecasts, surf reports, wave models, weather models, buoys reports and buoy forecasts all with research grade accuracy. Their buoy reports update hourly highlighting individual swell trains and surf height with pinpoint accuracy. Their weather and wave models update 4 times daily zooming down through 5 levels to cover the spectrum from global to true local weather coverage, all at professional grade resolution.

STORMSURF also offers a full lineup of custom Surf Forecasts, QuikCAST and an El Nino forecast*. Their Chartroom houses tools that link you to your favorite marine weather sources across the planet. And their Tutorials provide learning opportunities for beginners to experts. It's all there, and they say it is quick, easy and will always be free.
But I find it difficult

* El Nino forecasts are best viewed on their weekly YouTube update - subscribe.

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Surf Forecasts

Global swells explained:
With these graphics you can see where the surf is being generated and how it is moving across the oceans.
Also have a look at
Stormsurf on YouTube

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