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MHL directional spectra translated

These images show the directional spectra from Manly Hydraulics Laboratory (MHL) and the photo for the same day/time from

Notes: Good ground swells (long period swells) have strong colour away from the middle, chop is energy towards the middle (short period).
A stripy curve of the same period energy is preferable to a blotch or a range of periods.

Spring surf

31 August 2015 - note the choppiness to the surface, especially out-the-back.
This is the green shading to the top of the graph.

Autumn surf

23 March 2016 - Again there is choppiness to the surface.
Note the difference in the green shading to the Spring graphic above and the different strengths of the various periods.

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Surf Forecasts

Global swells explained:
With these graphics you can see where the surf is being generated and how it is moving across the oceans.
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