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LaJolla swell forecast graphics and animations used to be a rich resource of graphics that showed various graphics of forecasts around the world.
Their problem was that people call their graphics, use their bandwith and don't visit their site.
Due to excessive bandwidth costs, the web site no longer exists in the form described below.

Direct linking to frames or image hot-linking
So they close off direct calls to pages and GIF files using masking and server-side blocking of those calls.
When we recommend graphics we have to work-around these restrictions. To see LaJolla graphics
Click this link:
Then 2 clicks: Weather link then Wave maps tab

This gets you to the place where you can choose
NOAA/NCEP WAVEWATCH III Significant Wave Height and Mean Wave Direction
Note that the animations are at the bottom of the drop-down list of (hrs) times labelled Forecast near the [Display] button.
In Google Chrome when you find the graphic that suits you best, right mouse click it and select Open in a new tab then save it to your favorites/bookmarks.
The same choice is at a different page:


Here are some direct calls to some of the graphics:
Right-mouse clicked on the LaJolla Surf link.
then copy the address you are interested in and paste it into a new browser tab in that window.
Global Significant Wave Height and Mean Wave
Click this square

Wave period animation
Click this square

Australia & New Zealand
Click this square


We recommend these:
Wave height 24 hours from now - Global

Since I surf in Sydney, Australia, I use this GIF as the wallpaper in my phone:
I load it each morning (128k in size)
The animation of the Aust/NZ area is at:
(4MB in size) These graphics come from WAVEWATCH III Plots Animations by NOAA/NCEP

Note the warning on the page:
That these should not be used to make navigation decisions that may endanger public safety.

Surf Forecasts

Global swells explained:
With these graphics you can see where the surf is being generated and how it is moving across the oceans.
Also have a look at
Stormsurf on YouTube

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Surf parks?
We recommend if you are looking for information on surf parks and inland surfing you start at: #surfmore