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Trip to North Island NZ

Off to surf Northland in NZ so I am setting up one place to access all the websites I need for the trip.

North end of North Island. Shortcut to get here:
to map

Overview Tasman Sea

Sweet spot NZ

I wish other countries, regions & places had this:
On forecast pages use the link to wavefinder

North Tip

Spirits Bay

NW coast

Go to for surf reports & forecasts
Next 6 days

NE coast

Go to for surf reports & forecasts
Next 6 days



Go to for surf reports & forecasts
Next 6 days at Whangamata Beach
Hot Water
Also, you could take this as a general note on South Pacific swells:
"best time period for significant swell for Teahupoo, Tahiti during the months of April and May, are during the last two weeks of April and the first week of May."

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Surf Forecasts

Global swells explained:
With these graphics you can see where the surf is being generated and how it is moving across the oceans.
Also have a look at
Stormsurf on YouTube

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